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Distribution systems

TV FM DAB and Satellite for Communal systemHead End serving one block and a slave system in second block

We specialize in high quality distributed viewing systems, IRS or SMATV.

If you are a builder or developer and require advice on what type of systems are available, or information on installation trends, we'll be happy to advise. There are many innovations which in recent months have become affordable and several which have become almost essential from a sales point of view. It is surprising how many purchasers move into a new home and immediately have to start running external cables for Sky+ etc.

12 outlet system in small apartment block

For larger scale projects, small apartment blocks etc, we can design and install your system, providing multipoint Satellite, Terrestrial TV and FM/DAB radio to all locations, a car park or entry camera can also be incorporated into the TV system. For this type of installation, it is advised that we are involved from first fix or before.  Fibre optic systems for long distances are now available at competitive prices, making long cable runs a problem of the past.

Management companies are increasingly being asked by tenants for permission to install Sky dishes, we can in many circumstances provide a "bolt on" satellite solution to your existing system, thus eradicating the problem of multiple dishes. We can also in many cases, upgrade an existing system to receive terrestrial digital transmissions (Freeview) and will always provide a competitive quote.

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